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  • Virtual file host

    November 23th, 2023

    Hello everyone, we are launching public testing of the virtual file host!

    Webmasters were often asked to add such functionality to the site, and its creation, frankly, took a lot of time. Most of the time was spent on testing and debugging. At the moment, we have passed the alpha and beta stages of testing and are now ready to launch a public test. Below are some details...

    Virtual file host. Top features:
    - Individual subdomain xxxxxxx.rapidcloud.cc;
    - Special premium, valid only on a subdomain;
    - Premium from the main site does not apply on a subdomain.

    Who might need it:
    - Owners of rare and exclusive content who want to monetize it as much as possible;
    - For webmasters who want to protect their content as much as possible from duplication and parsing.

    - Send your request to [email protected] and we will activate your virtual file host.

    You will find more detailed information in your affiliate account. You will find more detailed information in your affiliate account. If you have questions or want to suggest an idea, please write to our email [email protected].

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  • PPD plan changes

    January 04th, 2023

    Hello everyone, a little important information...

    In early December, we significantly increased the rates for the PPD plan because webmasters asked us to do that. Okay, we decided on this experiment. A month has passed and it's time to take stock. Statistics have shown that new rates cannot exist, they are economically unreasonable and unprofitable. Therefore, from January 4, we return to our previous PPD tariffs, which were repeatedly calculated and tested. We also made changes to GEO and moved some countries to other tires. Thanks for the idea and for participating in the testing! We are still open to new ideas and proposals, even if some are unsuccessful when checked, this is our way.

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  • News & updates

    December 09th, 2022

    Hello everybody, time to take stock of the last month and consider news, changes, updates...

    Increased rates for PPD plan
    Mass testing has shown that there is an opportunity to increase current rates for PDD. We also received numerous reviews from webmasters that in what part of the tariff line it is better to do this. Some countries have been moved to higher tiers.

    Affiliate program page
    We have received a large number of questions and feedback during this time. Thanks to this, we were able to make the affiliate program page much more informative and useful for webmasters. Now there you can find the answer to almost any question!

    We added REST/JSON API. Generate a link for it and get instructions you can in the Affiliate section of your account. Supported functions are:
    - get user's account info/status;
    - upload with URL;
    - upload to server with POST request;
    - file and folder management (get file/folder list, rename, clone, ger direct link and etc).

    z_o_o_m's File & Image Uploader
    RapidCloud.cc was added to another popular program. If you also need to integrate our service into a program or site, please email us to [email protected].

    Popular forums
    All this time we worked to make ours more popular. RapidCloud.cc has been allowed at many popular forums. You can request a list of these forums at support. Despite the good results, our work in this direction continues, and soon you will see our service in new white lists.

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  • Small update and bug fixes

    October 17th, 2022

    Hello, we made a small update!

    - VIP Price. Now you can sell each file separately at the price you set, Premium account does not allow to download such files, so client should pay for each, this feature will appeal to those webmaster who have rare and valuable content.

    - QSearch by folders. If you have many folder this feature help you to manage it!

    - Bug fixes in many templates, if you find some bug, please send it to Discord chat or contact form.

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  • Promo materials

    October 06th, 2022

    Hello everyone! This news is addressed primarily to resellers and webmasters, we have a section with promo materials.

    It is available at: https://rapidcloud.cc/pages/promo_materials/

    There you can find different versions of the site logo in all kinds of sizes, as well as banners to attract new customers and webmasters. This section will be constantly updated with new graphics, so look more often)

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  • Disco-Disco-Discord!

    September 13th, 2022

    Hello, everyone! As you may notice, we have added a discord chat! If not, it's in the bottom right corner of the site. Our cosy chat where you can chat, ask questions and get support so quickly. Be sure to try, you'll love it!

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  • Small update: new folder links

    September 06th, 2022

    Hi everyone. A small but very important update. We've updated the folder links. Links have become more convenient and much safer than before. Now by sharing such a link, you do not risk showing all your folders and files.

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  • Launch!

    August 20th, 2022

    Dear clients and webmasters, I am pleased to announce that we are launching beta testing of our platform!

    - We have prepared special conditions and three tariff plans for webmasters. I hope that everyone will find a suitable cooperation option. You will find more details in section Make Money! It you have any questions or want to activate your webmster account please contact us via email [email protected]

    - For customers, we have a hot offer:
    + 50% more days of Premium account
    + 50% more traffic per day
    Hurry to buy Premium on such favorable terms!

    In the near future, you plan to please you with new features and promotions. Follow our blog.

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