User Frequently Asked Questions


Premium account

  • What is Premium?
    A Premium account is a paid service that significantly increases user limits and account functionality.

  • What limits does Premium increase and what new features does it activate?
    Our service provides a very profitable and functional Premium accout. Here are its main features:
    - The download speed is 15 MB/s (120 Mb/s).
    - Disk space is 250 GB.
    - Traffic (download) is 50 GB per 24 hours.
    - No ADS, captchas, timers.
    - Download-managers support like IDM or JDownloader.
    - Resumable downloads
    - Simultaneous downloads (up to 10 connections).
    - Powerful file manager.
    - Enhanced upload options.
    - Unlimited upload file size.

  • What are the differences between Premium and Premium Pro the account?
    Premium Pro account is an expanded version of the basic Premium. It includes exclusive features and limits:
    - Download speed is unlimited.
    - Disk space is 1 TB.
    - Traffic (download) is 125 GB per 24 hours.
    - Online video

  • I don't know which Premium I choose what to do?
    Try starting with the basic version of Premium, it is cheaper and allows you to evaluate the capabilities and quality of our service. You can update your basic Premium to Pro versions at any time.

  • And if I want to upgrade Premium to Pro versions, will I lose days that remain in the base version?
    No, from the moment the Premium is updated to Pro version, you will have Pro version for the purchase period, after it ends, you can use the remaining days from the basic version.

  • I bought Pro version, but my account also has information about the end date of the basic version, why?
    That's right, technically Pro version already includes the basic one, so two timers are shown.



  • I can't understand how my traffic (downloadind) is consumed, explain.
    The traffic counting system really requires a separate explanation, the limit is not reset at a certain hour, it's dynamically calculated based on consumption data. In short, the traffic limit at any time is considered as the limit for this user minus the amount of traffic that was downloaded in the previous 24 hours.

    Let's give an example:
    - Suppose your traffic limit is 50 GB per 24 hours.
    - Today you've downloaded 10 GB at 3:00 pm, 20 GB at 6:00 pm and 20 GB at 8:00 pm.
    - From 8:00 pm today until 3:00 pm tomorrow you will not have available traffic.
    - At about 3:05 pm, your limit will be increased by 10 GB, at 6:05 pm by 20 GB and at 8:00 pm by 20 GB.
    - So tomorrow at 8:05 pm your traffic limit will be fully restored.

  • My traffic ends very quickly, what am I doing wrong?
    Under some conditions, traffic can be consumed faster, and it will be considered correct. Here are some examples where traffic can be consumed faster: - The use of proxies and VPNs, any other ip hiding technologies and its frequent change. - Non-standard firmware and settings for the router, network interfaces, as well as the use of Linux systems. - The use of JDownloader also in some cases leads to double traffic consumption.

  • Download speed is very slow, why?
    - Most likely, you are using a browser for download, or your download manager does not have a multi-threaded download mode configured that allows you to download one file using several streams (connections). We support up to 10 simultaneous streams (connections) when using a Premium account.

  • Which download manager can you recommend?
    There are two popular download managers: JDownloader and IDM. I would like to talk about each of them separately.

    JDownloader is a very popular free download manager, its features:
    - big community, forum;
    - support for a huge number of file hosting;
    - has file download automation;
    - there is no full support for resumable downloads;
    - not very stable at work;
    - better suited for free download.

    IDM is a well-known and well-established paid download manager, its features:
    - can provide the highest download speed;
    - has plugins for integration into all popular browsers;
    - supports resumable downloads;
    - very stable, thoughtful, has intelligent features;
    - ideal for Premium download.


  • How can I improve the security of my account?
    In addition to basic security rules such as: using a complex password, antivirus, checking for a secure SSL connection, we offer the Security Lock function.

  • What is Security Lock?
    Security Lock is a security feature in which every attempt to change important information in your account requires confirmation of this action using a special link received to your email. Confirmation will be required when:: - changing your password; - changing payment information; - changing email; - disable the function itself.

  • I would like to delete the accout and all my personal information, is it possible?
    - Yes, send a request in free form to email support and in response to the letter confirm this action. Your account and all personal information will be deleted.